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NASA unveils the bewildering beauty of Jupiter’s enormous polar light shows — Quartz

July 3, 2016


Ever seen fireworks on Jupiter? It’s quite something. Astronomers have released breathtaking photos, taken with the Hubble space telescope, of Jupiter’s gigantic auroras, which are light shows caused by high-energy particles entering the planet’s atmosphere near the poles and colliding with gas atoms. They are hundreds of times more powerful than Earth’s, due largely to… via […]

Tech bits: Hidden trackers, awesome Goliath projects and the Pale Blue Dot

December 23, 2014


Surveillance has been one of the big stories this  year but do not assume it is only big government in action, corporates who covet personal data are just as intrusive. Companies who want to couple themselves to us by using personal details to market to us individually are big data snatchers too. In an excellent BBC […]

Maker Faire 2014: Maker space race, nanosatellites and the invader challenge

April 30, 2014


Maker Faire UK is an open invite to participate in science, crafts and technology from the world of maker projects. In this second post on Maker Faire 2014, the bases include nanosatellite launches and teaching kids binary with an alien invader. The Maker Space Race is on. Thanks to the Kickstarter initiative ‘Kicksat‘, pledges helped […]

Felix Baumgartner’s space dive raw footage

February 27, 2014


There is only one way to describe the raw footage of Felix Baumgartner’s sky dive from the edge of space: awe-inspiring. Falling from 24.2 miles above the Earth, he achieved a top speed of 843.6 mph – or Mach 1.25 – and became the first human to break the sound barrier. “Breaking the speed of […]

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