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Kids Stuff Coding, Robot Kit and 8-bit Wonders

January 18, 2015


Incentives to get kids coding are everywhere. But it doesn’t just have to be kids stuff and anyone can get a head start on programming by trying simple, fun and creative coding games, robotics and electronics kits. Gaming now comes with a large dash of education and coder cool thanks to companies that emphasise learning […]

Make Hack Two: LED love, Power Ups and WTF Builds

November 13, 2014


Make it better harder faster stronger. Update two on makes and hacks including LED wearables with the wow factor, WTF Builds and energetic Power Ups. There are some incredible maker projects out there on my favourite tech, science and creative websites, but rather than simply repost I thought I’d give a rundown of some of […]

Make Hack One: Cams, drone power and retro gaming gear

October 18, 2014


Laser camera triggers, drones guided by Oculus Rift and haptic gaming vests are just a few of the incredible projects cooked up by skilful and enthusiastic makers then shared with the world. Welcome to the favourites list of made and hacked devices. This is our rundown of the best maker projects doing the rounds: the […]

Sonic Pi: Raspberry sounds inspire coders and musicians

October 2, 2014


Raspberry Pi computers are at the centre of many of the coolest open source creative technology projects, whether it’s a home automation controller, weather station, drone or even a supercomputer cluster. So when Raspberry Pi programmer Sam Aarons spoke about Sonic Pi at Newcastle’s SuperMondays event, the level of interest was amped up to 10. Sonic Pi is Raspberry Pi’s […]

3D Light Painting With A 3D Printer

July 9, 2014


Easily Turn Your Raspberry Pi into an FM Transmitter

July 9, 2014


PiGates Validates Your Concert Tickets

July 9, 2014


Joytone: An Entirely New Instrument With Raspberry Pi

July 9, 2014


Maker Faire 2014: Supermaterials, sensors and restarting technology

May 6, 2014


Maker Faire 2014 was a treasure trove of information on hacked lifestyles. Sustainable living expert Vinay Gupta showed how the latest in materials technology could house and provide fuel for the world in ways that protect our environment. Vinay Gupta’s entrance to the stage at Maker Faire UK’s science theatre had an apocalyptic feel to it. […]

Maker Faire 2014: Hackspace projects and the Glasgow School of Art

May 1, 2014


Maker Faire UK 2014 hosted the UK’s hack and maker spaces with ambitious and simply fun projects built from kit electronics, experiments in code and finely sculpted materials. This is the third post in a series looking at what happens when makers collide. Hack Hitchin may not be the largest of the UK hack spaces […]

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