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British Science Festival 2013: Grand Theft Bicycle and the political takedown

September 27, 2013


Rockstar Games title ‘Grand Theft Auto 5‘ is pure box office. Every new incarnation in this series of shoot ’em, carve ’em, rob ’em, drive ’em away and blow ’em ups seems to have broken records on its release. Achieving $1 billion in sales in its first three days is testament to the game’s popularity […]

British Science Festival 2013: Supermen and the art of vigilantism

September 27, 2013


Superhero comics and graphic novels have a lot to answer for. At least if you take their message as anything more than a colourful comment on society. Simplistically speaking, heroes like Iron Man, Spiderman, Elektra or Black Widow are fighters of the good fight meting out justice to criminals. They dress almost exclusively in lurid […]

British Science Festival 2013: Oscar Pistorius and the Paralympian’s struggle with technology

September 23, 2013


Whatever your opinion of elite athletes using technology to gain an advantage you have to feel for Oscar Pistorius and Paralympians in general. Pistorius made history by becoming the first athlete to compete in both Olympic and Paralympic games. Yet this fact taken alongside the evolution of sporting prosthetics and other technologies has created a […]

British Science Festival 2013: Robots, nobots and the race to build intelligent machines

September 22, 2013


Nick Hawes is senior lecturer in intelligent robotics at the University of Birmingham School of Computer Science and an expert on what makes robots and humans tick. ‘Robots and humans: when two societies meet’ was his Lord Kelvin Award Lecture at the British Science Festival and a timely lesson in the difficulties of defining human […]

British Science Festival 2013: exploring the Edge of space, mapping sunspots and the solar cosmos

September 16, 2013


Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian renaissance artist who gave the world the ‘Mona Lisa’ and the ‘Last Supper’, did not distinguish between art and science. Over the course of a career that included painting some of the world’s most memorable artworks, he also drew up designs for inventions including rolling mills, a machine for testing […]

Google Glass and mobile tools focus on local stories

September 3, 2013


There is something to admire in Google’s local stance. While everybody waits with bated breath to see how much Google Glass will change our world, if this article from The Atlantic is right then the company may be looking at a way to provide a vibrant future for local and community newspapers. It looks like […]

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