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Star Trek’s Tricorder Sought by X-Prize Scientists and Medical Pioneers

January 27, 2015


Say what you like about Science Fiction – it’s not everybody’s cup of teleportation – but one thing you cannot accuse the genre of is a lack of imagination. Seriously talented scientists look to sci-fi ideas for inspiration and the Tricorder is one of them. Star Trek, the original 1960s series, could hardly be called […]

Update: What Really Killed Google Glass

January 24, 2015


Haha, well done Care of Jonathan Brooks

Glass Languishes in the Long Grass as Google ends Explorer Mission

January 23, 2015


Pundits everywhere are questioning the relevance of Google Glass following the company’s decision to end its Explorer programme and suspend production until the headset is updated for full commercial release. Unsurprisingly there were some unkind summaries following Google’s decision to end the Explorer programme for its Glass smartwear. CNET opted for a farewell and thanks […]

Kids Stuff Coding, Robot Kit and 8-bit Wonders

January 18, 2015


Incentives to get kids coding are everywhere. But it doesn’t just have to be kids stuff and anyone can get a head start on programming by trying simple, fun and creative coding games, robotics and electronics kits. Gaming now comes with a large dash of education and coder cool thanks to companies that emphasise learning […]

Interactive Documentaries, Adam Curtis talks Anarchy, and the 3D Print Doc

January 7, 2015


For anyone wondering how films will still have the power to change our world in future, look no further than the interactive documentary. Film makers are opening up new arenas and asking viewers to become involved in the story directly, using aspects of video gaming to bring their subjects to life. I think everyone should […]

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