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When laser sharks meet wooden robots

August 29, 2014


3D printing is so popular among maker collectives that more traditional technologies seem a bit passe. But anyone looking at creative design or a unique way to touch up craft projects should consider the often over-looked laser cutter. Just Add Sharks founders Martin Raynsford and Dominic Morrow base their branded products on the humble laser […]

Hit the Fossil Fuel Industry Where it Hurts: Science

August 16, 2014


Originally posted on through the looking glass:
There was another one of those International Panel on Climate Change reports published last weekend. Having already outlined the physical science basis back in September (i.e. it is happening, yes, really, we triple-checked, sorry), and then a report on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability at the end of last…

Unorthodox GoPro Camera Rigs Produce Unreal Videos

August 9, 2014


Originally posted on Hackaday:
For a workshop at the ECAL University of Art and Design in Switzerland, students were asked to come up with new unorthodox ways to capture video using a GoPro camera. The results are pretty awesome. Lead by the Dutch designer [Roel Wouters], students in the Media & Interaction Design program worked…

Electronic noise: Glitch in the matrix

August 8, 2014


Art used to be all composition, paint and sculpture: materials applied, carved and manipulated. Computing changed all that. Music is synthesized, we paint with light, sketch in code and reproduce perfectly. WeLove Digital takes a look at electronic art to see if it has any real substance. There is a glitch in the matrix: it […]

Open Source Glucose Monitoring on the Front Lines of Innovation

August 4, 2014


Originally posted on Hackaday:
[John] is the parent of a diabetic child, and his efforts to expand the communication options for his son’s CGM (continuous glucose monitor) have grown into a larger movement: #wearenotwaiting. After receiving a new monitor—a Dexcom G4—[John] set about decoding its communication protocols. The first steps were relatively simple, using a laptop to snag…

Physicists Rebuilding the Tesla Tower for Planetary Energy Transmission

August 4, 2014


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