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Digital champions create inclusive future for young and old

August 31, 2013


People put a lot of faith in technology. Look at the way we have adopted smartphones and tablets to integrate our lifestyles between home and the places we work. We organise, play, record, make notes, listen and even educate ourselves using mobile computing power. But you often find that there is a disconnect between the […]

Top 20 Instagrammers make hay while the app shines

August 25, 2013


Let me say it. I’m not a fan of Instagram or a fan of photo-sharing apps. Strange position for a journalist to take you might think. Yes, but let me qualify that. Many apps are a closed system. Data contained in them can often be walled off – you might not be able to share […]

Go go gadgetry: phones inject MoJo for mobile video enthusiasts

August 21, 2013


There comes a time in every journalist’s life when he or she has to embrace MoJo, or mobile journalism. Anyone can do that, I hear you say, and that is the beauty of it, but it’s a little more complex than point and click. To get the best results you need either some cheap work […]

French deli radio serves up rare cuts. Bravo Beaub FM

August 15, 2013


French culture has the reputation of being haughty, no doubt culled from the word haute (high) and just pronounced incorrectly until it got bogged down in English. Perhaps the oral equivalent of going to a refreshing British music festival – you go looking like a million Topshop ‘festival collection’ dollars and come back mentally deficient […]

Steampunk’s last blast at the Souter Foghorn Requiem

August 13, 2013


A funereal crowd gathered at the cliff’s edge expecting entertainment and they were not disappointed. Souter Lighthouse stands metres from the crumbling coastline between the Rivers Tyne and Wear in north east England, a candy cane building that has warned passing ships away from the treacherous rocks since 1871. The day was blustery, white tops […]

En-Route cycle station displays impressive digital fitness

August 9, 2013


Look around the home fitness market and you will find gadgets that were taken up enthusiastically only to be discarded as their novelty wore off. Aerobic balls, treadmills, yoga mats and excercise bikes, but En-Route could keep people coming back by adopting novelty as its core strength. Using a bike attached to an indoor turbo […]

Sound Prism – building a music box to inspire interaction

August 8, 2013


Interactive design is at the heart of the best music synthesizers, just take a look at the Korg Kaossilator Pro with its multi-coloured glow pad – easy to programme and create loops even if you are a total beginner. The message is ‘music should be fun’ and that is the starting point for Dustin Roxborough’s […]

The persistence of memory – Memico

August 7, 2013


Holiday snaps, pictures of you when you were a kid, playing in the garden, with your relatives at Christmas, parties: precious memories. Ryan Coupe’s assertion is that we just don’t look at the pictures we take any more, so he invented Memico. Memico puts your pictures together with music to create a multimedia experience, linking […]

Maker’s marks and gamifying food

August 6, 2013


Luke Emmerson is an enterprising young designer whose output as part of Northumbria University’s Interactive Media Design course showed both influences from his fine art background and an astute commercial awareness. ‘In Living Memory’ was a collaborative project undertaken with Leah Xandora that allows product makers (in this case furniture makers) to build in a […]

Sound, lit and making space – how a graduate trio create interactive design

August 6, 2013


The Interactive Media Design School at Northumbria University in Newcastle has an admirable record in producing graduates with fresh ideas to change the way we act in and influence the world around us. This year’s graduate show was no different, packed with innovative projects displaying incredible diversity of thought and application, showing off skills in […]

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