Japan’s “Society 5.0” Initiative is a Roadmap for Today’s Entrepreneurs — TechCrunch

Posted on February 4, 2019


This is an interesting article from Techcrunch about AI’s use in achieving a human-centred society model in Japan. On first glance I’d say that there are a lot more questions to be asked and a lot more work to be done around ‘fintech’ and so-called ethical investments – AI fed with the wrong data will still produce a top-down, wealth concentrating, biased model of society. But read on, it’s food for thought.

“Mark Minevich Contributor Share on Twitter Mark Minevich is a digital fellow at IPSoft. Japan, still suffering the consequences of its ‘Lost Decade’ of economic stagnation, is eyeing a transformation more radical than any the industrialized world has ever seen. Boldly identified as “Society 5.0” Japan describes its initiative as a purposeful effort to create…”

via Japan’s “Society 5.0” initiative is a roadmap for today’s entrepreneurs — TechCrunch