So What Do You Call a Gang of Tigers? Collective Nouns part II

Posted on December 31, 2018


One of the most popular posts on WeLove Digital is a relatively simple one. Collective nouns for animals or people are surprising and often poetic in their description – a ‘wilderness’ of monkeys for example. So here’s the second part of what you could loosely call a series.

Mushrooms Attention! Troops of Mushrooms on display.

Whether you’re talking about a barren of mules, a pontification of priests, or a murmuration of starlings, the collective noun is a rarely used and often unknown term for a bunch of, well just about anything. ‘So What Do You Call a Gathering of Ferrets‘ cast some light on the English nouns for groups of ferrets, peacocks and owls among others. This is the follow-up. But what is a group of lists called?

Hedgehogs Always in an array they are, hedgehogs.

I meant to do this much earlier but… time, work and life got in the way. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

an Array of Hedgehogs
a Bask of Crocodiles
a Stick of Paratroopers
a Malapertness of Pedlars
an Exaltation of Larks (also an Ascension)
an Aurora of Polar Bears
a Clowder of Cats
a Garland of Sonnets
a Snatch of Pickpockets
a Troop of Mushrooms
a Bubble of Divers
a Cornucopia of Slugs
a Drunkship of Cobblers
a Battery of Barracuda
a Crash of Rhinoceroses (or Rhinoceri)
a Flotilla of Swordfish
a Zeal of Zebras
a Tumult of Tubas
an Argument of Architects (or Wizards)
a Zap of Lasers

Polar bears Northern Highlights: An Aurora of Polar Bears

And watch out for…
An Ambush of Tigers

Tigers cute
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