Sparkling Pet Portraits Gifted to Animal Charity by Celebrity Photographer Rankin

Posted on March 21, 2018


These incredible pet portraits were shot to celebrate the role pets play in our lives. Animal charity Blue Cross asked Rankin to create the series and he gave his time free.

That shot of singer Diana Vickers with a foal called Emerald has a ‘too good to be true’ look about it. Vickers with her porcelain smile mirrored in that wide-eyed look from Emerald (I’ve never seen a horse smile before, but Emerald looks amused). I’m sure that’s part of the fairy dust you get when you employ a photographer at the top of their profession.

Diana Vickers with Blue Cross foal Emerald by Rankin

These pictures are a thank you from one of Britain’s pre-eminent portraitists for the charity’s work and the positive ways animal relationships impact on us personally. Rankin said: “Pets change our lives. I know mine certainly have and that is why I wanted to join forces with Blue Cross and their famous friends and through this series of unique portraits, inspire people to give back to pets in need for the amazing, enriching and wonderful roles pets play in our lives.”

Rankin, born John Rankin Waddell, studied accountancy at Brighton Polytechnic according to his Wikipedia page before switching to photography and going on to found the style magazine Dazed and Confused. He has since published more than 40 books on style and photography and directed music videos for Kelis, Miley Cyrus and Jake Bugg among others.

The portrait series features the charity’s celebrity supporters with Blue Cross pets or their own animals. The line-up includes Jimmy Carr with his own Blue Cross adopted dog, Marnie; Emily Head (Emmerdale) with a rescued kitten, Stevie and; James Bowen and Bob The Street Cat. Other celebrities included Miranda Richardson (Blackadder, ITV Girlfriends), Anthony Head (Buffy, Little Britain, Girlfriends), Joanna Scanlan (The Thick of It, C4), Michelle Collins (Eastenders) and Issac Hempstead-Wright (Game of Thrones).

Emily Head with Blue Cross kitten Stevie by Rankin

Issac Hempstead Wright with his family dogs for Blue Cross pet charity by Rankin

Jimmy Carr and Blue Cross dog Marnie by Rankin

Back to Emerald who was a tiny foal when she and her mother were found fly grazing and struggling to survive last summer. Blue Cross took them in and nursed them back to health. Rankin was apparently captivated by her photogenic look and laid back attitude. Emerald has now been rehomed with a family in Shropshire and is leading a contented life.

Diana Vickers commented: “Pets play such an important role in our lives and I can’t image my life without them in it. My cat Kiki fills my heart with joy and I love her. It was wonderful to take part in a photography project which celebrates the way so many different kinds of pets enrich and bring happiness to our lives and homes.”

Michelle Collins and Stitch for Blue Cross pet charity by Rankin

Joanna Scanlan with Blue Cross foal Emerald by Rankin

Miranda Richardson and Blue Cross dog by Rankin

James Bowen and Bob for Blue Cross pet charity by Rankin

Blue Cross CEO, Sally de la Bedoyere, added: “We were incredibly excited when Rankin agreed to give up his time to take photos for this portrait series. The images couldn’t be a more fitting and perfect celebration of pets and a clear inspiration of why we need to give back to all those pets in need. The horses, kitten, baby bunny and several of the dogs featured in the portraits arrived at Blue Cross in a time of need and we will always be there to give back to pets as they do so much to enrich our lives.”

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