CES 2018 Camera Technology was the Strongest in Years

Posted on January 26, 2018


January is Consumer Electronics Show-time in Las Vegas, showcasing amazing technological developments.

In the Camera category there were a huge number of incredible launches and demos.
The world’s largest drone manufacturer DJI was there with a couple of strong ‘steadycam’ offerings.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is an agile tool for smartphone filmmakers who need steady video on the move.

Osmo Mobile 2

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

The Mobile 2 is cheaper and lighter than its predecessor, ‘uses AI’ to track subjects and has portrait mode for the Snapchat and Instagram Stories crew.

DJI osmo mobile 2

For mid-sized mirrorless cameras, DJI was talking up the Ronin-S.

DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin-S

Offering competition to the Mobile 2 was the Taro smartphone gimbal, with sophisticated tracking tech that tracks you as you move.

Taro gimbal

Taro’s smartphone gimbal

Virtual Reality Cameras

On the VR front there were a huge host of VR cameras. The HTC Vive Pro headset was launched with a second camera, promising extra sensing and augmented reality capabilities

HTC vive pro

HTC Vive Pro with second camera

Lenovo talked up its Mirage headset and VR180 cam – Google Daydream compatible, it allows you to capture 180-degree 4K video with the Mirage camera.

Lenovo Mirage

Lenovo Mirage

The Yi Horizon was a similar offering (and look) but with a whopping 5.7K video.

Yi Horizon

Yi Horizon

4K VR cameras from Kodak and 6K from Polaroid were pipped by the 8K Pisofttech, Detu and Kodak Pix Pro cameras, but Insta360 announced a 10K version.

Insta360 Titan

Insta360 10K Titan

Way out there was the Insta360 Lightfield concept camera – boasting 128 separate lenses that allow viewers to ‘move through the scene’. Up, Down, Back, Forwards, Up and Down (6 Degrees of Freedom) as if controlling the camera in real time…


Insta360 Lightfield concept camera

insta360-light-field-prototype 02

Mobile Cameras

More lightweight were the Orbi 360 camera glasses for livestreaming 360 video.

Orbi glasses

Orbi 360 video glasses

If you are a video livestreaming fan then you could try the Vyoocam clip-on 4K video camera that fits onto spectacles or goggles and syncs with any social media account.


Vyoocam clip-on camera: strong on social media

Selfies take on another dimension altogether with the Bellus 3D mobile face scanning camera: it creates a lifelike scan that can be 3D printed.

Bellus 3D

Bellus 3D face scanning mobile camera

And how about this Selfly drone that you put your smartphone into for hover selfies.

Selfly Drone

Selfly is a drone that uses your smartphone

Unusual and Exceptional Cameras

Take a trip back in time with the wearable Roader Time Machine – it captures video 10 seconds before you ask it to.

Roader time machine

Roader Time Machine

Old school was on show too: Kodak was pitching VR but it also had this neat Mini Shot camera printer.

Kodak mini shot

Kodak Mini Shot printer

Shooting for the moon was this sexy looking telescopic Astronomy camera from Vaonis, for stargazing shots of real quality.

Vaonis Stellina

Vaonis Stellina astronomy camera

Finally, the PX-80 Lidar camera from Occipital allows you to scan a 3D image as you walk through a house or construction site. Wow.

Occipital Lidar

Occipital PX-80 Lidar camera

CES 2018 cameras were a little peak into the future of imaging…

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