So What Do You Call a Gathering of Ferrets?

Posted on February 11, 2017


Many people know that the collective name for a group of crows is a ‘murder’. but what about monkeys, peacocks or even bishops? The answers are surprisingly lyrical.


Night Flights: a murmuration of starlings

Nouns of assemblage often go beyond the merely descriptive into the poetic. Take some of the examples below. They look into the character of what they represent, or the sound they make, or how they look together (especially the ferrets). Sometimes they are arcane or humorous. So what would you call a collection of bloggers? A gabble, a blurt, a know-all?

a Sounder of Wild Boar
a Parliament of Rooks or Owls
a Barren of Mules
a Chattering of Choughs
a Bench of Bishops
a Pontification of Priests
a Rag of Colts
a Muster of Peacocks
a Drift of Swine
a Walk of Snipe
a Drunkship of Cobblers
a Desert of Lapwing
a Covey of Ptarmigan
a Wilderness of Monkeys
a Gang of Elk
a Murmuration of Starlings


Oh and of course…
a Business of Ferrets

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