Kiss Bye to 2016 in Tumblr – Happy New Year Everyone! Onwards 2017

Posted on December 31, 2016


Tumblr is the home of GIFs, artful Photography, Video and Illustration. But it’s also home to Science, Tutorials and just about any learned pursuit you can imagine. Dive in.

Home to ‘no sweat’ blogs, Tumblr has been around for a while in internet terms (founded in 2007). Yahoo snapped it up in 2013 for a cool $1.1 billion without much fanfare. But investigate the stats surrounding the classic micro-blog site and there are some surprising numbers – 550 million monthly users, 129.7 billion posts, 69% of users are millennials, 78% of users access the site using a mobile.

People love Tumblr and no wonder. I’ve put together some of the sites I like as a taster for anyone who doesn’t. You know, you might just like it.

Photos a-Plenty

National Geographic used to have a beautiful iPhone app with images and stories culled from the magazine. The app was inexplicably closed down but they have a Tumblr photo blog called Found featuring archive stills, set up to celebrate the publication’s 125th anniversary in 2013 and highlight the quality of its historical archive.

I also really enjoy Breathtaking Landscapes Tumblr – incredible colour photos from all over.

Artistic Flair

Art on Tumblr takes in everything from painting to motion graphics. There is an official ‘Art on Tumblr‘ blog and plenty more besides. Probably my favourite is Eugenia Loli’s, whose work is a series of dark cosmic, psychedelic and humorous collages. Her pop art is now available as prints, t-shirts, dresses and other fashionable items at and redbubble.

Animal Magic

I love animals generally. Tumblr has some of the best general animals around, plus some of the best specific animals too. Check out this fella at the Animal Blog. Any ideas as to what type of feline this is? Answers please in the comments.

Tumblr Animal Blog

Taken by Guy Davies (Zebrafishmedia). Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

For other wild things and rare beasts I’d highly recommend the Earthly Nation Tumblr blog.

Science Fact

There are loads of scientific discoveries to be made on Tumblr. My two picks are Discovery News – a curation of world science that absorbs Earth, space, technology and human endeavour and spits it out in bite-size chunks – and Science is Beauty. The Beauty offers intrigue, mystery and ‘food for the brain and soul’.

Science is Beauty includes a very interesting interview with Freeman Dyson – pal of Richard Feynman and Robert Oppenheimer – and has this year-end post detailing ‘The 99 Best Things That Happened in 2016‘.

Travel Sites

See the sights on Tumblr sites. Travel photography is well catered for on micro blogs like Jay Brockman’s Sunset Cityscapes, an earnest search for inspiring images from the totemic American city San Francisco. But for the world traveller look at Nacho Coca’s Traveling Colors with its lively snaps from countries across the globe.