Smart Eyewear Merchants Vuzix GoPro and Let Developers in on the M300 Glasses

Posted on May 22, 2016



Vuzix M300 glasses are getting GoPro connectivity for a hands-free interactive experience. Plus the developer SDK is out for app creation.

Heads at Vuzix have announced its access to the GoPro Developer Program toolkits and an exciting capability to connect its wearable smart glasses to GoPro cameras. Users of the Vuzix M300 device will be able to use remotely view and control GoPro cameras completely hands-free using the smart glasses’ high resolution display and advanced speech recognition for voice activated commands.

It offers the opportunity for professional and high-end videographers to access the camera’s feed using a remote viewfinder and control multiple cameras hands-free. The GoPro range is known for its use in extreme point of view situations and inaccessible camera locations, so Vuzix smart glasses will give filmmakers simultaneous access to even the most complex set ups.

Video Streaming and Interactive

Vuzix says it is looking “to deliver innovative, immersive video streaming experiences for prosumers and users in the workplace”, going on to target areas such as “inspection assistance, high quality video for remote guidance and support, service documentation, and of course entertainment.”

Paul Travers, president and CEO at Vuzix said: “With this video capability, users who work remotely can see and experience the offsite location as if they were actually there.” Before adding: “In the prosumer space, the M300 combined with GoPro cameras is a perfect tool for the creation of immersive content.”

Go Pro is equally excited about the partnership and Adam Silver, director of strategic product partnerships at GoPro, said: “With Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses providing voice control of GoPro cameras for complete hands-free interactivity, users will be able to generate sharp, high resolution videos for professional and semiprofessional production alike.”

Vuzix M300 smart glasses

Vuzix M300 smart glasses

Android SDK Shipping

Vuzix has announced that it is shipping Alpha copies of its SDK for the M300 Smart Glasses allowing developers to start creating and testing apps using an Android emulator configured as an M300 device. Developers can buy the M300 SDK for $499 and, when they buy the device, the amount will be credited to that purchase.

Interested? The Alpha release can be accessed using an online form at Vuzix’ website. Any existing M100 apps can be converted using the company’s PC emulator and software tools.

“This early access will allow developers to convert their current apps to the M300’s larger and higher resolution screen and implement other advanced control features of the M300 as compared to our existing M100,” said Vuzix CEO Paul Travers. “It is also a great development platform for those just getting started with smart glasses. When new preorder customers who want to develop for the M300 sign up, they will receive a password that will enable immediate access to the tools.”

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses are based on a common core platform of an Intel Atom processor running Android 6.0. The SDK will be delivered in stages and includes frequent updates, as they become available during spring 2016. Any M300 pre-order customers who want to develop applications should sign up to Vuzix at