VRTGO Virtual Reality Developer Day Offers Masterclass on Design and Coding

Posted on February 22, 2016


Coders need only apply but students and programmers are in luck – VRTGO Labs is holding a developer day on 3 March to help VR beginners and those looking to keep up to date with the latest developments.

VRTGO developer day

Savvy students and coders with a curiosity for virtual reality can get on the inside track to the industry with VRTGO’s March developer day at the Northern Design Centre. Hardcore tech experts and seasoned designers are at hand to offer their first hand experience of what it takes to bring VR to life.

Anyone with a yen to learn more about programming for VR games or experiences, will get tech advice from industry figureheads. Speakers include Patrick Connor from Playstation VR talking about improving rendering performance, Nizar Romdan and Roberto Lopez Mendez of ARM on developing graphics for mobile platforms, and Paul Colls of independent VR game studio Fierce Kaiju speaking about the science of design.

Gateshead's Northern Design Centre

Gateshead’s Northern Design Centre

Students can register for a paltry £22. Book a place now on Eventbrite. The venue is Gateshead’s Northern Design Centre.
Networking time, refreshments and lunch are included and the timetable breaks down like this:

09.00 – Registration, networking and tea, coffee and biscuits.
10.00 – Welcome by Carri Cunliffe, founder of VRTGO Conference
10.15 – Patrick Connor, principal engineer at PlayStation VR: “Graphics and optimisation techniques for virtual reality”
11.00 – Nizar Romdan, director of ecosystem, and Roberto Lopez Mendez, senior software engineer at ARM: Nizar will start the talk with an overview of the state-of-the-art of VR graphics in mobile platforms. Roberto will showcase the experience of porting Ice Cave demo to Samsung Gear VR, as well as discussing how high-quality VR graphics can be achieved on mobile devices, covering highly optimised rendering techniques in VR.
12.00 – 13.00 – Lunch, Exhibition and surgeries with PlaystationVR and ARM
13.00 – Oliver Kibblewhite, head of special projects at Rewind Studios: “Taking the real world into the virtual world”
13.45 – Simon Launder, senior programmer and COO at Coatsink: “VR lessons learnt by the Coatsink team”
14.15 – Paul Colls, creative director at Fierce Kaiju: “The Science of Design”
15.00 – Break time, tea, coffee and biscuits
15.30 – Rachel Derbyshire, co-founder and creative director at Chronicles VR: “That first introduction to VR”
16.15 – Ask the speakers question session
17.00 – Networking drinks, snacks and final chance to see the exhibition
19.00 – End of Event

The aim of the developer day is to allow people to learn from the speakers and each other, to try out VR games and experiences and to network. VRTGO’s Carri Cunliffe adds that it will appeal to individuals and companies working in this space for either game or business applications. “It will be super technical, so you will need to be a coder to attend. It won’t be for the faint hearted.”