Pushing Paper Tech to the Limits with a Cardboard Surfboard and Stratocaster Fender Guitar

Posted on January 30, 2016


When one snowboarding company took to Youtube marketing a few years ago, they fired up some really cool projects. Anyone need a snowboard with solar power?

Apparently there are only so many snowboards you can make before the creative well runs dry. Solar powered boarding may be the apex. Yes it did actually work, charging up cameras and mobile devices after charging down the slopes. So the chiefs at Signal Snowboards turned to the wild blue ocean for further inspiration and cooked up a surfboard made out of cardboard, with the help of a friend’s company – Ernest Packaging. The resulting video is an acre of cool.

Having conquered the waves, the Signal guys then turned their hand to making a cardboard electric guitar in the Fender custom shop. Don’t fret (hur hur) you can be sure there’ll be another way to push the limits of paper and board. Their Cardboard Chaos blogs include a bicycle and a skateboard for the more conventional among you. They must have some mighty strong glue.