Unboxing 360Fly. The 360 Video and VR Revolution gains momentum

Posted on November 20, 2015


Source: Unboxing 360Fly. The 360 Video and VR Revolution gains momentum


Mobile and broadcast journalist Glen Mulcahy writes an excellent WordPress blog on the tools available to create multimedia journalism on mobile devices. He also covers emerging technologies and has spoken for the past two years about journalists and documentary makers using 360 cameras to create VR and immersive video. His latest post includes a video of the 360 Fly being unboxed (interestingly, the 360 Fly comes with its own customised Google Cardboard viewer) and talks about his experience with the Giroptic 360-degree camera.

Dublin’s Web Summit in November was an opportunity for Glen to try out the Giroptic and the final public launch Oculus Rift headset (which he describes as “mind blowing”).

The New York Times has launched its own mobile VR app and given one million subscribers a free Google Cardboard headset. There has been a huge amount of publicity given to the publisher’s ‘The Displaced’ – three VR story experiences about people displaced by conflict – produced by NYT and one of VR’s shining stars, Chris Milk of VRSE.

On that note, Glen also highlights the BBC’s 360 video playlist available on Youtube – news stories told in the round.