Two Turntables and No Microphone

Posted on November 10, 2015

Source: Two Turntables and No Microphone on Hackaday

Jan Godde built this sexy ‘wooden sensor box with two rotary disks‘ as a sound creation experiment. Just look at the video to see how the platters work with the touch sensitive sliders, a gorgeous piece of interactive design. As Hackaday – where the project is featured – points out, the sounds it creates have the feel of musique concrete.

Jan explains: “Currently I’m getting raw data and I’m writing Pure Data [open source visual programming language] patches to find reasonable applications for music. I use Processing for visual representation. It’s not meant for DJing in the first place, but I am interested in using jog wheels as sensors, for whatever case, I’ll see. To distinguish it a little bit from other DJ controllers via Design, I placed both jog wheels on the right side. Of course, it may be used for whatever makes sense.”