Life Shoots Up Into Space and Down Into the Catacombs for Autumnal Thrill Ride

Posted on October 8, 2015


Indulge your inner astronaut and Halloween delights with Newcastle Centre For Life’s autumn exhibitions and workshops.

Chinese New Year 2013, Newcastle

On All Hallows’ Eve groans and moans are guaranteed as otherwise sane people don the gore and get ready for Halloween Late’s horrifying antics. Saturday 31 October will be the chance for fans of the Walking Dead to go Rick Grimes crazy as the Centre For Life hosts its own Zombie Laser Tag game.

SFX make-up, short horror films in the planetarium and a cocktail bar add up to a royal monster mash of undead activity. Explore the Catacombs 4D Motion Ride and travel back in time to 19th Century Paris for a trip through the city’s famous haunted cemetery. Or just sit back and whittle in Life’s new Making Space, where you can create creepy artefacts, animations or just take things apart and Frankenstein them back together for fun.


Online advanced tickets are £8 per person, for adults only (18+)

Kids get their opportunity to celebrate science and slime during half term holidays, 24 October to 1 November, making Halloween lanterns, firework-themed art or the masterclass Slime Workshop, for the lowdown on glow in the dark gloop. There is also the chance for all to enjoy Game On 2.0 and explore gaming history in Life’s excellent interactive exhibit.

Go onboard the ISS with the online panoramic tour

Go onboard the ISS with the online panoramic tour

Astronaut Show and Tell
You can experience the high life and celebrate British astronaut Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station (ISS) with ‘Destination Space‘, until 3 January 2016. Get the inside track on life in space with a hands-on season of atmospheric adventure.

Experience life in orbit with the ISS’ own panoramic tour, or watch the earth live with the onboard cameras earth viewing experiment and live stream. Finally, the Hubble Telescope celebrates 25 years in galactic action with a fantastic film in the planetarium showcasing simply breath taking imagery from the outer reaches of our universe.

All of the exhibitions, theatre and planetarium shows are included in the Centre For Life’s entry ticket price.

Live aboard the ISS' earth viewing experiment.

Live aboard the ISS’ earth viewing experiment.