Make Live Streaming Aerial Video with Micro Drone’s Newest Flier

Posted on July 13, 2015


Indie film-makers and drone dabblers are sure to be rubbing their hands together with the introduction of the Micro Drone 3.0, a palm-sized flier that brings fun cam possibilities and pro features.

Palm pilot: Micro Drone 3.0

Palm pilot: Micro Drone 3.0

Drone shooting has provided camera operators and film makers the perfect way to achieve low cost aerial shots that were previously only possible by spending thousands on helicopter or plane-mounted cameras. That cool rising hover shot of a festival, a sporting venue or a spectacular landscape can now be achieved by spending hundreds, or less, on your own drone with a mounted full HD camera.

Learning to fly your drone is fun too and can be totally immersive with video streamed to a cheap first person view (FPV) headset such as Google Cardboard. Now drone makers are throwing in features that would have cost a lot more only two years ago, so quick is the upward development curve on drone technology.

Micro Drone 3.0
Now the brains behind the impressive Micro Drone have launched version 3.0 with the ability to fly and live stream video direct to Twitter video streaming service Meerkat. This Palm-sized drone captures 720p HD footage and has what claims to be the world’s smallest gimbal onboard to provide steady video shots.

Micro Drone 3.0 has been made to fly straight from the box and launched at an attractive $150. If you see that as a touch expensive for a small drone then consider that it is built to fly in 45mph winds and has modular parts so that breakages can be replaced quickly and cheaply: fun factor and reliability rate highly. The Micro Drone team are also designing custom builds that will allow users to make their own 3D printed fun or freaky shapes.

Micro Drone 02

FPV shooter
As the drone works with Google Cardboard, a first person view flying experience gives yet another reason to give this unit a go. The onboard camera is streamed via WiFi and tethered to your smartphone, as well as recording footage to its micro SD card.

Vernon Kerswell, founder of Micro Drone says: “The step up in technology and features we have packed into Micro Drone 3.0 offers users a taste of things you would find in a high end device. We want Micro Drone 3.0 to be usable by anyone, whether first timers or an adaptable drone for enthusiasts.”