Project Nimbus Reveals Why Cloud Laser Projection is One of the Greatest Spectacles

Posted on June 17, 2015


When Dave Lynch and collaborator Mike Nix took to the skies with the self-built zoopraxiscope laser it was to see the wonder of projecting moving images onto clouds. After three years of intensive research and flight time, Project Nimbus is ready to reveal the results.

Project Nimbus 01

On Saturday, 4 of July, Dave Lynch and Mike Nix will present three years of research into the projection of moving images onto clouds from aircraft. Dave, a long time member of the Jam Jar Collective – artists, technologists, programmers, makers and doers – was at Maker Faire UK 2014 talking about his experiments using Edward Muybridge’s famous footage of a running horse (‘The Horse in Motion’) and the set up of his zoopraxiscope. It has been a long and fantastic journey in the making taking in US military projection weapons, casual conversations and multiple collaborations with pilots, cinematic specialists, sailors and cultural theorists among others.

Project Nimbus 03

On 4 July this crossover project of art, science and prototype design, will culminate in a one-off event in Leeds to show off the successful flights with the laser zoopraxiscope Mk6 – a redesign of Muybridge’s original projection technology from 1887.

“This will be the first presentation of this project since it’s initial success in 2015, soon to debut in New Scientist Magazine,” said Dave. “Our talk presents the experimental prototypes, alongside the highs, lows and serendipitous nature of interdisciplinary ways of working, collaborative research and play. Our hope is that by sharing our process, it can serve as a model to inspire others. The sky is not the limit.”

Sneek peaks of the story so far are available on the Project Nimbus Facebook event page, but bag tickets to the event quickly as they are extremely limited. Go to Eventbrite