Shining Light on Video Game History at the Game On 2.0 Exhibition

Posted on June 12, 2015


Play the best video games from the history of electronic gaming at the Centre For Life’s Game On 2.0.

Newcastle’s Centre For Life has managed another coup in becoming a host for the London Barbican’s international touring exhibition exploring the history and culture of computer games: Game On. Taking in the peaks in game development from 1962 to the present day, this rarified playable exhibit offers gamers young and old the opportunity to get hands on with coin-ops of the past (Asteroids, Space Invaders, Galaxian), console golden oldies (Sega, Nintendo and Playstation favourites) and a glimpse at the future through technologies like the Virtusphere – a Zorb-like rollerball for virtual reality games.

Take in the early simplicity of Pong or Minefield and marvel at the cruddiness of early vector graphics. Having said that, one of the most playable games from the early coin-op arcade era, Asteroids, still has incredibly addictive qualities and challenges even the most adept gamer. Whether Sonic the Hedgehog took up large chunks of your early years gaming or Wii and Kinect are more your era, there is something for every gaming generation.

Added to the playable exhibits are a superb collection of handheld and mini consoles, plus sketches and concept work from game designers in a gallery of favourites including Parappa the Rapper, the Playstation’s original golden era game about a rapping dog and his adventures in rhythm. Titles to play include Grand Theft Auto, The Sims, Tomb Raider, Streetfighter, Pacman, Gauntlet, Centipede and many more.

Organisers at the Centre For Life have also arranged for visitors to meet games programmers, designers and researchers using gaming technology for scientific and medical breakthroughs, with ‘Meet the Experts’ sessions. Neuroscientist professor Susan Greenfield will be exploring the ways that computers and gaming change the way our brains work on 9 July and a halloween night time session will be held on 31 October. Game On 2.0 is on at Newcastle Centre For Life until 1 November 2015.

UPDATE!! Centre For Life has extended Game On 2.0 until 3 January 2016.