God Particle Visuals and Maker Faire 2015’s Sweet Fountains of Tech

Posted on April 19, 2015


April is Maker Faire UK month. Newcastle’s Centre For Life plays host to the largest maker event in the country and welcomes thousands of visitors there to see creative and exciting projects ranging from 3D print to synthetic biology, gaming to knitting, coding to creative robotics.

Make sure the last weekend of April is free in your diary – 25 and 26 April is a lockout for anybody interested and excited about all kinds of electronic, computing and web technologies. Maker Faire UK is a smorgasbord of creation and destruction, whether its making 3D printed pancakes or sweet music from a drainpipe and an assortment of vegetables (yes these are real things), or sampling the delights of the mini robot wars arena, buy a ticket to the best show in town.

In the past two years WeLove Digital has seen, photographed, sound recorded, videoed and written about Maker Faire in-depth. Cory Doctorow’s championing of open source culture was a highlight from 2014 and so were the cinema hacking project at Newcastle’s CultureLab and the laser projections of Dave Lynch’s Project Nimbus.


This year for fans of pop-related japery there is an appearance from the meisters of Mentos and Coke, Eepy Bird. If you have no idea what that sentence means, where have you been? Eepy Bird created an internet meme with their trick of dropping Mentos sweets into bottles of Coke, carefully coordinated to create a spectacle somewhere between a musical performance, a lab experiment and the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Prepare to get sticky.


Ode to the Higgs Boson
Prior to MF2015 kicking off there is an audiovisual performance on 21 and 22 April of composer Peter Zinovieff and poet Katrina Porteous’ Field. This spoken word and musical composition is a tribute to all the scientists at CERN and the Large Hadron Collider in finding the so-called ‘god particle’, the Higgs Boson.

Little known fact: physicist Peter Higgs, who proposed the existence of the particle that completes the standard model of quantum theory, was born in Newcastle. Not enough time or space to get into what the particle is or does here, read the HB wiki, but the performance promises to be a surround sound visual feast, taking place in the Centre For Life Planetarium. Cannot wait.