Sarajevo Stories: The Doctor’s House

Posted on October 10, 2014


Sarajevo Stories is the first in a series of short films and travelogues from a road trip through Europe.

Cat Norman is manager at the newly opened Doctor’s House in Sarajevo. In the video she talks about her experiences in Bosnia, her impressions of her adopted home and the people, how to make Bosnian coffee, plus a little of the secret life of Sarajevo.

Background info
In June 2014 I travelled through Europe by road and train. This video is the first in a series of travelogues and short films from that road trip.

The countries visited were Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany. All of the films were shot using a Canon compact camera or LG smartphone on 720p and an Audio Technica lavalier microphone with an Olympus digital sound recorder.