Feel the Burn: Real time visuals from Light Surgeons, ScanOne, Tony Hill and Jamie Allen

Posted on September 11, 2014


This video was recorded at the Real Time Visuals 2014 performances in the CultureLab, Newcastle, UK. Event set up by Stephen Gibson (DJ Nord) through Northumbria University and featuring performances from artists including:

Tony Hill – an experimental film maker and performance artist whose work spans more than 40 years. Tony works on all aspects of production including building his own equipment, sculpture, photography and sound.

Freaky DNA – Leonard J Paul has been producing electronic music, spanning different genres and visual performances, since the early 90s. He is best known as the composer of the soundtrack for renowned documentary ‘The Corporation’.

The Light Surgeons – are an audio-visual collective based in London, including Christopher Thomas Allen, Tim Cowie and Jude Greenaway. They are best known for their live performance, video production and art installations. Light Surgeons work with a number of award-winning film makers, animators, designers and software developers to develop work that has toured internationally. Read more about their work and the influential ‘SuperEverthing’ live cinema performance on this post.

ScanOne – otherwise known as Jude Greenaway, one member of the Light Surgeons. Audio-visual artist and composer, head of label Yellow Machines, DJ and collaborator with United Visual Artists.

Soundtrack: Daniel Avery ‘New Energy (Live Through It’)

Turn the lights off and the volume up!

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