Google Cardboard may be the catalyst 3D Immersive Video + Gaming needs to go mainstream.

Posted on July 27, 2014


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One of the hot topics to come out of this years Google I/O conference is Google Cardboard. (Or Oculus Thrift as its been nicknamed!!)

As BBC’s Richard Taylor suggested in his iPhone shot report on the project, some attendees thought it was a gag- Until they tried it!

But having watched a few reports I have to say I think it is ingenious! At the start of the year I blogged about 360º Immersive Video and the trend setters to watch.

Since then a literal deluge of 360º cameras/devices  have hit crowd-funding platforms as have novel and interesting alternatives to the Oculus Rift-see below.


With so many impressive 360º cameras likely to be available by the end of the year, it begs the question how will the user CONSUME this 360º content?

Remember some of these cameras can LIVESTREAM 360º Video!

There are a growing number of Apps available…

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