3D Printshow London: an introduction to the UK’s biggest 3D print event

Posted on November 20, 2013


Just a quick post today to showcase a video I put together at the 3D Print Show London last year. It was the inaugural event and featured a range of exhibitors from commercial desktop 3D printer systems (Formlab, Makerbot, Cube etc) to large engineering and academic research projects (Europac, University of Nottingham).

Some of the highlights included:

  • National Geographic scanning archaeological and historical artefacts so school kids could print them out and handle them in the classroom.
  • 3D scale prints of a human foetus, created by Brazilian researcher Jorge Lopes from ultrasound scans.
  • A range of companies that allow users to create and upload their own designs, including French company Sculpteo which allows users to customise iPhone cases with scans of their own face or Google Maps terrains.
  • Gaming enthusiasts Printcraft, who created software that enables players to print out 3D replicas of objects they build using the popular Minecraft game.
  • Europac3D whose handheld laser scanner allows people to create 3D objects almost instantaneously and who featured a room with connected DSLR cameras in each corner to create a complete body scan.

3D4D Challenge
3D printer manufacturer Makerbot sponsored the 3D4D Challenge, in partnership with UK charity Techfortrade, asking designers and engineers to use 3D printing to help the developing world. Seven teams competed and the ideas included Kenyan student Roy Ombatti’s project to turn recycled plastic into shoes for people whose feet have been deformed by the chigoe flea.
Winners Matthew Rogge and Bethany Weeks from the University of Washington took the £10,000 prize on the strength of their project to create a 3D shop in Oaxaca, Mexico, so local entrepreneurs could convert old plastic into pieces for rainwater capture or toilet systems.

I’ll have more to say about this year’s show soon as it travels between London, Paris and New York featuring the best in the world of 3D print.